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Hand Sawing

Hand sawing Door Openings, Window Openings, HVAC, Duct Work, Trenches, Wall, Slabs, Foundations, Suspended Slabs,Bridges,Sidewalks & More!


Slab Sawing

Slab Sawing Sidewalks, Trenches,Patios, Parking Lots,Roadways, Driveways, Fundations & More!


Chain Sawing

Chain Sawing Duct Openings, Window Openings,Small Openings With No Overcuts & More!


Core Drilling

Core Drilling Holes For Plumbing,Electrical, Fence Posts, Boots In Storm Boxes/ Underground & More!

Ground Penetrating Radar

GPR Scan Concrete Locating Post Tension Cables, Rebar, Rebar Format, Conduits, Live Power, Plumbing,Gas Lines, Voids, Hollow Cells, filled cells, 3D Imaging, 2D Imaging & More!

Concrete Pour Backs

Sidewalks,Driveways,Patios, Foundations, Concrete Pads & More!

Land Clearing

Ponds,Roads,ATV trails, Home Build Outs & More!

Our Projects

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Concrete Cutting Since 2010

Hi Everyone and thank you for taking the time to look at my page. Here I will describe a little bit about me. My name is Matt Cram, I started concrete cutting back in 2010 where i was a lot younger than I am now. It was the adrenaline, like a sport to me. I was always dedicated in getting that jobs ticket punched out and onto the next one and that is exactly what i did striving for more hours and for jobs working 110 hour weeks 120 hour weeks to get to where i am today. Making each and every customers happy in every way beating there deadlines, going above and beyond with cleaning the work area, having square and flush saw cuts, not making any overcuts and not just burying the blade hoping you would catch bottom. Don’t get me wrong there will be always that one unhappy customer that comes across every business but i can say very very few. We hope that you are able to try out our outfit for we are always on growing and venturing with new outfits. Choose now ! Choose CramCrete

What Our Clients Say

"CramCrete provided a detailed housekeeping
behind there hard work of saw cutting and removing
a wall we had taken down in our office building."

Lindsey Beumer

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